What is the East Lake Classic? Why is this event so important?

The largest single day event fundraiser is our annual Classic, which is an FMBC regional marching band competition. This fundraiser is a major reason why our fair share fees remain reasonable, and we are able to provide a robust program to our musicians. Every band family should plan to volunteer that day, as well as participate in it’s planning to ensure the Classic’s continued success.  We have had the honor of hosting 12+ bands for this half-day event, and have the reputation of running a friendly, well-organized show. We’re also known as “the show with the bake sale,” so don’t be afraid to break out those oven mitts!

Each band pays a nominal fee to enter, but ELBB must cover all of the costs before the actual event day. These costs include printing the event program, judges’ travel costs (if applicable), food and beverage purchases, event volunteer supplies such as T-shirts/lanyards/walkie-talkies/poster board, craft paper, markers, and event supplies such as resource officers, chain, lights, signs, and tickets. 

“The Show with the Bake Sale”

The largest revenue generators at the Classic are the Concession Stand and Ticket Window. To illustrate this, 12 bands with their instructors and chaperones would provide over 1000 people that would need to eat and drink. The musicians’ families and friends will come through the ticket booth to support them, and purchase food/beverages, T-shirts, jewelry, and bake sales items.

We could sure use your help!

There are many different types of “jobs” available that day (scheduled in shifts), so everyone should be able to find something they would like (or at least not dread!) doing. Many people can show you how to help, even if this is your first Classic. All of our marching band members will be assigned jobs for part of the day, so this is also an excellent time to be a part of a memorable event with your musician. Many hands lighten the load, and get things done efficiently!

Security Detail

Of course, there is no shortage of jobs to ensure everyone’s safety. We need volunteers in the parking lots, at wristband checkpoints throughout the campus, for first aid, and manning the several water stations to keep visiting musicians well-hydrated. Hospitality positions include greeting the bands upon arrival, judge hospitality, and working the concession stand. We also need help for baked goods, jewelry, spirit-wear and ”band-gram” sales (“Band-grams” are messages that are read as a band enters the field to perform). 

But wait…there’s more!

In addition to the day-of-event volunteer positions, there are planning positions that need to be filled before the event. The program must be assembled and sent to the printer, and we need additional people to learn how to create the program. Food, beverages, and oh-so-much water need to be purchased before Classic day. Vendors must to be contacted, plans made as to where each will be located on the field, and we need to ensure that electricity is available where it will be needed.

If you can only help with one day this school year, this is the one.

Kona Ice!

A well-known band sponsor, the Holiday Inn-Oldsmar has provided judge accommodations for the last 7 years, so there needs to be a contact to work with them. Additionally, we need people to help arrange for judge transportation, and seek donations from local vendors for the judges’ meal and snacks. There are more opportunities than can be listed here; the Booster Board will provide a listing of them all several times during the summer and fall!


Great friendships have been made working on the Classic. It provides a fantastic way to meet and get to know the parents of the musicians that your child is now spending so much time with. Please take advantage of that and be proud to be part of the reason that our band program offers so much to our students.

Thank you!

East Lake Band Boosters