If you are or will be a student at East Lake High School, you play (or want to play) an instrument or want to be in the color guard, we want YOU!

The instrumental music program at East Lake is always looking for hard-working individuals to join our ranks.  Being a member of the Silver Sound is a fun way to make new friends, find new challenges, and have experiences of a lifetime!

As one of the most active and visible organizations on campus, know that being a part of the Silver Sound sets you apart from the rest.  We are the best that East Lake High School has to offer!

Why Join Our Band?
  • You’ll instantly make many new best friends before school even starts.
  • You’ll be a star on the field and on the stage.
  • Colleges and Universities LOVE seeing a commitment to Band on a college application.
  • You can earn volunteer hours toward a Bright Futures scholarship through Band/Guard tutoring at East Lake Middle School.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to go on trips throughout the US!

What To Expect In Band

  • Being in Band is a big commitment that seems “scary” or even “impossible” to freshmen.  In reality, being in Band quickly teaches students to be responsible and manage their time better than their peers outside of the Band.
  • We rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays after school consistently throughout the year.  Rehearsals typically start at 4:30pm, allowing students to stay on campus to attend after-school tutoring and participate in most sports.
  • On Fridays during the Fall, the Band attends all Home and some Away football games.  Most students will say this is the highlight of their fall semester. On Saturdays during the Fall, there are some all-day rehearsals and competitions, but most band students will say these days are a close runner-up to football games!
  • After “marching season” is over, we begin concert rehearsals after school.  Students are expected to practice at home to be prepared to rehearse effectively with their peers.  Rehearsals are a fun time to learn everyone else’s part after learning your own part independently. Color Guard members continue rehearsing in preparation for FFCC and Solo and Ensemble events.

“But I’ve heard…”

  • “Band takes up too much time”
    • Worried that you won’t have time for other academic courses? Ask any of our students about it: There is plenty of time to fulfill band requirements and do well in school.  In fact, several current Band students are in the top 10% of their respective classes.  If you’re academically minded, you will fit right in. The average GPA of a Band member is over a 3.5!
    • Worried that you won’t have time for a “social life”? Being in the Band offers you ample opportunity to hang out with your friends – and make new ones! There is always something fun going on with the Silver Sound: Paintball/AirSoft outings, fundraising “TAG” Days in Downtown Tarpon Springs, Band bowling parties, late-night hang-outs after football games, and much more!
  • “Band is a lot of work”
    • The expectation for all Band students is that they will practice a minimum of 30 minutes a day at home in addition to the rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Believe it or not, this is typically less demanding than other courses or extracurricular activities! All of that hard work pays off: Students who are in the Band are consistently recognized as leaders on campus because teachers and administrators know how hard we work to become great.
  • “I just started playing… I wouldn’t be as good as everybody else in the Band!”
    • We have students who could not read music as freshmen.  However, with perseverance and dedication, these students have made All-County, earned Superiors at the State Level on university-level solos, and have become leadership members within the Band.  Nothing we do in Band is hard – it’s just unfamiliar at first.  The more you work at it, the better you’ll become.  The best part is you will have upperclassmen and staff members to help you get there!
  • “I can’t play a sport and be in Band.”
    • We have students in band who also play basketball, football, baseball, softball, track, and soccer.  We have students who are in National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, International Thespian Society, and Student Government.  It is very possible to be in the Band and participate in other activities.  We don’t ask 100% of your time, but we do ask 100% of your commitment to excellence at every opportunity.