Don't forget to turn in your band forms!

As required by the Pinellas County School Board, each band member must complete the full set of forms to be eligible to participate in the East Lake High School marching band program.

Find an explanation of Fair-Share and the Student Info Sheet here.

Student Forms

*All students participating in Marching Band are required by School Board Policy to purchase the student accident insurance for each school year. This supplemental insurance will coordinate with any other health insurance you may have. Be sure to purchase the insurance policy for the upcoming school year. This newest plan year can usually be purchased late July / early August. 

Volunteer Forms

Please refer to our Volunteer page for information about volunteering with the band program.

The Band often needs drivers for transporting students to and from events. If you are a registered volunteer and willing to drive, please complete the Field Trip Vehicle Registration (include a copy of your insurance card and drivers license).